The economic downturn and high unemployment rate – currently 9.5 percent – has prompted many older students to return to school. Many of these students are changing careers and chose to enter trade school to learn new skills.

For example, USA Today reports that one woman first attended hair design school but recently chose to return to trade school to become a surgical technician at the age of 40.

The article cites other individuals who choose medical billing training to develop new skills necessary to their different career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites positive features for those who are considering medical administration school or learning more about medical billing.

Medical records and health information technicians can expect to earn between $24,420 and $35,990 per year, according to median figures from 2006.

The field is also expected to experience a fair amount of growth over a 10-year period from 2006 to 2016. Statistics indicate that employment of medical records and health information technicians will improve by 18 percent.

Those employed in this profession should expect an increase in patients as the population ages and up-to-date computer training as more information is processed electronically.